Decor Casa: Painting – Decorations –
Plaster board – Thermo-coat – Mortars – Resins

Decor Casa is a traditional company founded on 17/02/1997 by experienced staff with thirty years of experience in the sectors who personally follows works through including quote, execution and management.

We carry out:

  • The internal and external painting of civil and industrial buildings with application of tempera, water-repellent, washable, siloxane, quartz and smooth silicate paint or plastering
  • Decorative marmorini and plasters
  • Supply and installation of plasterboard for walls, false ceilings, soundproofing, REI, anti-humidity
  • False ceiling panelling with hidden, discreet frame
  • Complete cycle of thermo-coat
  • Low-thickness floors and coverings with continuous surface: mortars and resins
  • Restoration, trompe-l’oeil, decorations on any surface, glazes, infills, coatings, wood-effect , fake marble, platin
  • Synthetic and water-based enamel paints for brush or pressure application
  • Creation and installation of plaster frames, cornices, capitals
  • Repair and maintenance of fixtures, shutters, doors and small household repairs
  • Fitted carpet laying, wood and pvc flooring, skirting board
  • Poster designing and plastics in general, road, industrial and sports signage, etc